The simple answer is that we can you whatever you want, up to 5gbps, complete with SLA and zero contention ratios. These are available using our wireless technologies and are delivered using a dedicated point to point connection to your premises.

The standard equipment we install to your premises is capable of 250mbps throughput and we will not commission an installation that is not capable of this speed. Therefore your installation is heavily future proofed, should you want to increase your speed later.

Our more "conventional" packages are available in speeds of 10mbps, 30mbps and 50mbps, available in either a residential or business varieties. 10mbps is only available to residential customers.

With our technologies, speeds do not decrease the further you get from our nodes. Other Wireless ISPs may tell you that their speeds are restricted the further from their node stations. However good network planning dictates that all links should be running at full capacity, otherwise overall network performance will suffer, affecting all customers. Therefore the closer you get to our nodes, then the smaller the antenna will be. We will not commission a low speed installation because it will be problematic in the future.

Most ISPs however will not tell you the three fundamental truths about speed, which are important to bear in mind:-

1: You can only download as fast as the server can send. If a particular webpage, such as eBay, is running slowly but everything else is fine, chances are that they are experiencing heavy load, not your internet connection.

2: Your webpages will only display as fast as your computer can process them. When you visit a webpage, you download a set of instructions as to how the webpage should look, called "HTML code". Websites are getting increasingly complex and slow computers, or those with lots of other programs/webpages open may struggle to "render" the page quickly. Changing browser, such as using Firefox rather than Internet Explorer, can often make a huge difference.

3: Sometimes the internet can just get overloaded. Today people use the internet for more and more, such as watching videos and playing games, which are very intensive on bandwidth. Many older networks are now really falling apart under the strain. Sometimes there is an even greater surge in demand, such as a major football match or international gaming competition. In these cases the load increases exponentially and everything slows down just a bit. However this shouldn't happen excessively or regularly and if it does then it is a sign of a network with insufficient capacity. Whilst our network doesn't get overloaded, the main switching centre at London Docklands occasionally does, which is outside of our control and will invariably affect all ISPs.

Our network is designed such that our standard "residential" package has many of the same quality characteristics as a typical business package. Our business package has many of the same characteristics as a leased-line. We expect demand and usage to dramatically increase in the next 5 years and are already ready for this, so you will experience truly fast internet, without delays and hold-ups.

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