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Certain packages have "free" installation. This means a free standard installation.

Standard installation covers installation of one antenna in a suitable location, no more than two storeys above ground level/on a chimney, and up to 10 metres of cable into the nearest entry point into the building where there is a suitable power socket. It does not include WiFi boxes or any other accessory.

We have three packages available for residential customers:

Basic: 30mbps download, 1.5mbps upload. 60gb/month usage limit. £29.99/month, £150 standard install
Regular: 40mbps download, 2mbps upload. 120gb/month usage limit. £39.99/month, £75 standard install
Premium: 50mbps download, 2.5mbps upload. 600gb/month usage limit. £49.99/month. Public IP option, £0 standard install
100mbps: 100mbps download, 5mbps upload. 1200gb/month usage limit. £119.99/month. Public IP option, £0 standard install
All residential prices include VAT. Costs shown are for 24 month contract, add 10% for no-contract option.
We have two main packages available for business customers:

Basic: 30mbps download, 6mbps upload. 600gb/month usage limit. £35.99/month, £150 standard install
Plus: 40mbps download, 8mbps upload. 800gb/month usage limit. £49.99/month, £75 standard install
Pro: 50mbps download, 10mbps upload. 1200gb/month usage limit. £65.99/month, £0 standard install
"Custom" We can deliver up to 1000mbit/sec if required, with 1:1 contention and guaranteed SLA

All business packages have the option of a public IP and the Pro package comes with 1 static IP. Traffic from all business packages is carried as "Priority" over the network. All business prices exclude VAT. Costs shown are for 24 month contract, add 10% for no-contract option.
Our "assured" packages are for customers who demand an always-on "leased line" connection

All assured packages are independently dual-routed with fast changeover, so should a fault happen then you will stay online.
In reality this equates to only seconds per year downtime, or 99.99999% uptime. This product is a "leased line" type product, typically around half the cost of a BT leased line, with comparable performance metrics.

If you are in an exisiting wired multi-dwelling unit normally there is no installation costs. Our standard "wires only" installation cost (excluding Wifi routers or other accessories) changes per package initially taken and is listed above. Business prices are ex-VAT, residential are including VAT. Sometimes we may offer special deals for reduced or free install.

For a "no contract" installation, the price is £300 inc-VAT for Residential premises, £300 ex-VAT for Business premises.

The price difference between Business and Residential premises is due to the differing complexities and has no bearing on the actual package taken (so a Business package taken in a house will cost £150 inc-VAT).

Where possible we will absorb a reasonable amount of installation costs within the standard installation price, but where an unusual situation is encountered requiring non-standard equipment or extra time then we will have to charge extra. We will give you a full quotation in advance on a completely "no obligation basis" and will not charge you anything if you do not accept the quote or we are unable to provide you with a service.

Next steps
To enquire further about Zippynet, or to sign up to the service, we will need to do a "desktop survey". This is where one of our engineers puts the location of your property into our advanced software and it will indicate the likelihood of you getting a signal.

If the software indicates there is a reasonable chance of getting a signal, then we will arrange a date for an installer to come and try to get you connected. However it may be that your installation is somewhat unusual, so we may not actually be able to get you connected that day, in which case we will carry out a detailled survey of your property and the link to all of our nodes within range of you, to determine the best way to get you connected.

Once we have completed the survey, if we couldn't get you connected on the day, then we will discuss the results with you and decide what the best way to move forwards is.

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