Zippynet uses bespoke wireless linking technology to connect your premises to our nearest node. We can connect up to 20 miles away depending upon terrain and obstructions, although if you are further than 2 miles from a node then you will need a larger antenna - our standard antenna is about half the size of a sky minidish.

Unlike most other wireless ISPs, we carefully plan our network using complex professional computer models, simulating the effects of terrain, buildings, trees and many other forms of clutter. Furthermore we add a significant "fade margin", so heavy rain, fog and electrical interference won't affect your signal. Finally all nodes are interconnected via redundant paths so the network won't mysteriously fail for no apparent reason. This gives you a super reliable service.

Please see our prices page for information about what a standard install covers and what you will need to provide.

Our engineers install the antenna onto your property, then connect it to your existing Wifi network, or we can provide you with Wifi boxes if required (additional cost will apply). A typical installation takes around 45-90 minutes, and then you are up and connected.

Once you are connected then all you need to do is to sit back and use your connection, hassle free. Should you have any problems, we have a call centre available to help you with basic faults, and we constantly monitor all connections for any early signs of problems.

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