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A: Back in 1996, the Internet was just arriving for most people. However it was complicated, normally involved the use of an expensive dial-up modem and wasn't always on. We changed this by introducing a "packet switched radio" service delivering 128kbits/sec internet 24/7/365 to customers for a competitive price, without the hassle.

In 1999 we were one of the first adopters of 802.11b, delivering 512kbits/sec to customers for a fraction of the cost of BT ADSL services, which at that time only went around 2 miles from the exchange, cost around £300 to install and £40 per month to use. We were around half this price.

We were the UK's first 802.11g wireless ISP in 2003, upgrading all customers to 4mbit/sec (BT were still only offering 2mbit/sec), and offering a premium business service via 802.11a (5ghz) of 10mbits/sec, faster than the 8mbits/sec that ADSL could ever possibly deliver.

We then operated a large wireless ISP network in the Midlands, until it was sold in 2008. At that time, ADSL covered most of the country, and companies such as TalkTalk were offering £2.99 per month packages, which just couldn't be competed with. From then we concentrated on the top end of the market, such as key "blue chip" clients.

In 2013, due to the increased customer expectation of a service to provide at least 30mbit/sec, and therefore the original problem recurring - users being left out in the cold simply because they are too far from a "green cabinet", we started to revamp some of the network. In 2016, due to calls from desperate potential users who had been neglected by poor quality rural ISP services, the service was completely upgraded to the very latest technologies and relaunched as Zippynet.

A: Unlike BT, we don't use wired cables to connect you to our network, where the signal degrades the further it travels down the line. As long as you are within "line of sight" of one of our nodes then you can enjoy the full speed available, regardless of distance.
A: Our background is professional radio communications for blue light operators. In our world, failures cost lives. Therefore we carefully plan each backhaul link using advanced computer algorithms, use only the highest quality equipment and incorporate battery backup, redundant links and automatic alarming into the entire network. We want a failure even less than you - you can simply choose another ISP, but our reputation is at stake. Over 20 years experience in providing wireless internet has taught us there is only one way to do it - backup, overplan and backup again.
A: We estimate 45-90 minutes for a standard install. However some installs have been completed in as little as 20 minutes due to the simplicity.
A: No. Because Wifi inherrently introduces problems then we prefer all devices, where possible, to be hard-wired into the network. Furthermore every building is different - a small cottage is completely different to a large office, and so the type of Wifi equipment needed will vary. We therefore provide a choice of 2 different Wifi access point systems, starting from just £22.50+VAT (£27 inc VAT) for a "single-room" WiFi box.
A: We work closely with a number of different SIP (IP telephone) providers and can recommend several choices to you. We will also help you set up an account and provide you with pre-configured equipment, but the actual service provided is completely independent to ourselves.
A: Not if you don't want to. However we offer advantageous pricing if you do sign a contract, please see our prices page for more details.
A: This is a question we get asked very often. Normally due to either poor quality installation or under-investment then Wireless ISPs often under-perform. We can take these networks, upgrade them to our high standards and integrate them into the wider network, to the benefit of everyone, removing the hassle of running it yourself.

Alteratively if you want to keep it seperate then we can advise you on how to improve it and assist with equipment installation if required.

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