A: Due to the "line of sight" nature of our technology, there can be large variations in coverage even between individual houses on a street. Obstacles, such as trees, can completely block the signal, so your neighbour may get reception without any difficulties, but we may have real difficulties with your installation. Furthermore objects can interfere with the signal if they are too close to the "line of sight", so even though you can physically see the node then reception could be problematic.

Therefore it is only possible to indicate in more "general" terms where our network is available and what equipment may be required, with the final decision regarding antenna location and type having to be made on the day by the installer.
A: In these cases, we have a number of covert antennas which can be utilised and often solve the problem. Certain building materials, such as thatching, allow some signal to pass, so it may be possible to have a high gain hidden indoor aerial. Furthermore we can also install aerials on outbuildings, such as sheds, garages, etc, and then link it back to the house either using a cable or small wireless link.
A: We have a whole toolbox available to us for "unusual" installations, and this is one of the areas in which we really excel. We have covert masts that increase the antenna height above obstructions. We have "repeater" stations that can be installed on neighbouring properties. We also have certain specialist low frequency technologies available to us that will actually bend over hills and go through trees if required.
A: This is a question we get asked very often. Normally due to either poor quality installation or under-investment then Wireless ISPs often under-perform. We can take these networks, upgrade them to our standard and integrate them into our wider network, to the benefit of everyone, removing the hassle of running it yourself.

A: We have access to a network of over 150 established radio masts around England, which provides around 80% of England coverage, and a further smaller network around Scotland and Wales. Therefore even though you may be some distance from one of these masts, we can often still provide service on a long-haul link basis. We have customers reliably being served today over 70 mile long links. Therefore the answer is - most of England. Please make an enquiry to get an engineer to make a proper survey for you.

If we can't cover you today, then if you have a reasonable level of interest in your area then we can even look at installing our network for you.

Remember: At Zippynet, everything is possible

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